New York Adventures (Columbia Publishing Course) Days 1-2

Day 1:

Arrived about 5 hours late, shared a taxi with a friend made on the plane, dropped off at Pod 39 hotel which would be my residence for all of about 12 hours. It had a cool rooftop bar (this will become a theme)

Rooftop bar awaits...

Rooftop bar awaits…


Downtown view


Day 2: I thought it only right to start off with some shopping (who knows if I’ll have much free time later, right?) so started off at Union Square where I came away with some new shoes.

My first ‘lost in translation’ moment wasn’t far behind. We have to provide our own bed-linen, which I hadn’t brought with me, so next up was ‘Bed, Bath and Beyond’. It’s gigantic, Ikea scale, and mystifying. I asked for help finding a ‘DU-vet’ which was met with a blank stare. I then described what I wanted and was led to a wall of ‘comforters’, while the salesperson looked at me like I was a total moron. I thought I’d be smart and asked for a ‘comforter cover.’ Nope, this is called a ‘du-VET’ cover. Yikes.

I finally arrived at halls and moved my stuff in. My room is great and I will endeavor to keep it tidy. I’m facing north and west; I can just about see the Hudson if I teeter precariously on the window sill.

Home for now

Home for now



We kicked off the course with an orientation BBQ, where I got to meet my new classmates. We all have name-badges which are a total lifesaver! Great energy and enthusiasm; everyone excited for the course to start. About 20 of us gathered on Sunday evening and, crowded round one person’s laptop in one of the suites, we watched the season 4 finale of Game of Thrones. It was impossible to hear, and we had to turn the subtitles on, but a pretty perfect first evening – also a good early indicator that I’m on a course with like-minded people!


Each post, I’ll include new Americanisms that I’ve learned. Let’s kick off:

Americanisms Glossary

‘Comforter’ = Duvet

‘Bubbler’ = a water-fountain (I think this is a mid-West specific term; will investigate)

‘Cleats’ = studs on a football/rugby boot

‘Powerport’ = Plug socket (how much cooler is powerport!)