Penguin Walk 2013

The Penguin Waddle 2013

WALK_BANNER_brightOn Friday 14th June, 470 flightless birds descended on London and waddled their way through the city for the annual Penguin walk. Dressed in our eye-catching (neon) Penguin t-shirts, my team set the tone for our afternoon by being late for the organised send off – we stopped off to get our free energy snacks but were left with only dodgy bananas to fight over.


The day was glorious and we saw London at its best over the course of our 10 mile (10 MILE!) wander, passing landmarks like Buckingham Palace, The Royal Albert Hall and Hyde Park. The aim of the day was to raise money for The Children’s Reading Fund, not just with blisters but also by buying the wonderful baked goods sold by schools en route. Mary Berry would have been impressed!

We took over a Waterstones display for some photo ops (and a wedding!), and may have dallied a little longer than we should have by the Serpentine, but we more or less caught up with the main crowd by Trafalgar Square, and were just in time for a well deserved party at the end. Bring on next year’s walk!


Thanks to St Barnabus school for this brilliant picture, it certainly boosted morale – almost as much as the cakes. 


Editorial Assistant, Puffin 


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